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Ayurvedic Medicine: an introduction

The world is a very diverse place. Just by this fact alone, the different communities, tribes, kingdoms, and countries spread across the world developed different ways of doing things. What we would consider being normal here in the West, would be something totally different in places like Africa or China. The same is true of ….  Read More

Using Every Tool in The Shed to Stop Rainforest Destruction.

It’s no secret that the rainforest is an important part of the health of the planet. One of the many names given to these all-important forests are the “Lungs of the world.” This is because of the role they play in absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen to the world. They are also home ….  Read More

3 Medicinal plants used during Victorian times.

The body is quite a wonder. Nourish it, and it will grow. Feed it certain things while leaving out others, then you get the potential for deficiencies. These deficiencies, as well as the presence of microbes in the environment have been known to make the body stop functioning as it should, or alter how it ….  Read More